About What I Do

I offer lessons on acoustic and electric guitar to players of all ages and skill levels – from beginners to professional working musicians and teachers. I have been playing professionally in popular bands and teaching guitar for over 35 years. Over that time I have developed a structured, gradual, yet challenging method of instruction that has proven to be successful for hundreds of local players, many of whom have gone on to become popular musicians and music teachers themselves.

With “Too Cold To Hold” at The Lakeview Manor, Kingston, circa 1982.

My own musical journey in playing, songwriting, and recording has included adventures in many different musical styles, including (but not limited to) blues, folk, fingerstyle, classical, R&B, 50’s-60’s rock, hard rock, metal, punk, hip hop, soul, slide guitar, reggae, ska, swing, jazz, and both classic and new country. If you’re new to the guitar you’ll soon find that playing is one of the most rewarding and least expensive pastimes there is. It doesn’t take long for my beginning students to learn the basics and to begin playing popular, current songs exactly as they were recorded.

References and Reviews by former students can be found here.

My personal bio and playing history are available by request.