Great Gifts For Guitar Players!

Don’t know what to pick for that picker? Well, here’s a list of…

Great Gifts for Guitar Players!

Under $10.00

string winders
blank manuscript paper
guitar magazines
guitar polish
blank CD-Rs or DVDs
lottery tickets
9-volt batteries
a set of precision screwdrivers
wire cutters
a hamburger AND fries, maybe a soft drink too
cool posters
a couple of Red Stripes on the beach in Ocho Rios…

Under $30.00

a nice guitar slide
portable USB storage drives
funky fabric guitar straps
patch cables and short jumpers
microphone cables
a subscription to their favourite guitar magazine
guitar tablature books featuring their favourite musicians
music CDs
music theory texts
music stands
music stand lights
guitar stands
more lottery tickets
a cab from Montego Bay airport to Negril beach…

Under $50.00

funky leather guitar straps
soft “gig bag” cases
“how-to” and coffee table style guitar books
Shubb or Kyser capos
cheap electronic tuners
fancy patch cables
AC adapters
microphone stands
bulk pack CD-Rs or DVDs
instructional videos & DVDs
CD/DVD racks
a case of 24 Moosehead Light(!)
cabfare from Montego Bay to Port Antonio…(maybe)

Under $100.00

a gig in a local club
cheap effects pedals
a guitar set-up and inspection from a local shop
better electronic tuners
CD box-sets by their favourite artists
hard-shell guitar cases
portable CD/MP3 players
new preamp tubes for their amplifier
very small practice amps
concert tickets
3 days of groceries (maybe)
a daytrip to the Bob Marley Museum…


10 Lesson Gift Certificate for Lessons With Matthew Woodward(!)

Under $300.00

new tubes for a full-size amplifier
replacement guitar pickups
a pickup installed into their acoustic guitar
better effects pedals
good quality microphones
better small amps
entry-level acoustic guitars
rehearsal space at Roswell Rehearsal Studios
portable CD/MP3 players
CD/DVD burners
real fast hard drives
good computer sound cards
entry-level digital recording software
USB recording interfaces
a week’s worth of groceries
accommodations in an inexpensive guest house in Port Antonio for a week…

$300.00 to $999.99

better quality, semi-pro acoustic/electric guitars
flight cases
promo shoot with a good photographer
good amps
portable multi-track recorders for the songwriters out there
good stereo systems
good recording computer interfaces
multi-effects units
nice drum software
better yet – a half-decent set of drums
pro-level digital recording software
recording studio time
return airfare to Jamaica…

$1000.00 to $?????.??

real nice acoustic/electric guitars
real nice “boutique” tube amplifiers
great home recording equipment
real nice cars & trucks
many beers
rehab (No…no, no!)
awesome drums
a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art recording studio
a cool van for their band to tour around in
an extremely fast computer
good management and a publicist
a hit record
a scenic piece of beach-front property and a nice little house in Jamaica…


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