Guitar Workshops and Music Theory Seminars!

Let’s Talk About Playing Guitar!

If you’re planning to host an event that’s all about playing guitar and need someone to give a fun, informative presentation to your attendees – look no further. I can do that.

Guitar Instructor Matthew Woodward presenting “Mixed Modal Blues Soloing Concepts” workshop at Renaissance Music, Kingston Ontario, December 2014.

I have lots of experience with sharing what I do in front of crowds and can explain and demonstrate many technique and theory topics, gearing each of my discussions to different target audiences, age levels and areas of interest.

Presenting a workshop at The Canadian Guitar Festival.

Most recently I was a workshop presenter at the 2016 Canadian Guitar Festival, where I discussed how an understanding of basic music theory can lead to greater fretboard freedom. I’ve also been featured as part of a guitar seminar series held by Kingston’s Renaissance Music (now Long & McQuade), at which I discussed my concepts of “Mixed Modal Guitar Soloing”.

I thoroughly enjoy doing this form of educational outreach work and would be very interested in hearing from anyone who could benefit from my experience in this regard! Just use the Contact Form on my home page. Thanks! 🙂