How can I help YOU?

I will help you understand how the guitar works, teach you the proper way to strum the most important chords and guide you with proper hand and finger placement. At the same time, you will learn how to read rhythm notation and guitar tablature.

My lessons explain music theory in simple terms, and lessons are tailored to your personal needs.

As your repertoire of songs grows and your strength increases, you are introduced to playing barre chords; soon your lessons begin to focus on single-string picking, using the scales with which we play melodies and “riffs” as lead guitarists. All important techniques are covered.

With private lessons your progress is limited only by your level of commitment to personal practice time.

Even if you’re already a player there’s always something new to learn. Playing the same licks in every solo? Some folks have been playing for years, but feel “stuck in a rut” – if that describes YOU, getting some coaching from an experienced player will help you get back on the right track.

As a very experienced lead guitarist I can help you develop and increase your technical ability and understanding of soloing. In-depth theory lessons cover the most useful scales and modes, harmony, advanced chord construction, arpeggios, harmonics, etc.
A little coaching can kick-start your playing and help you get your ideas flowing.

Perhaps you are a songwriter, and need some help with your songs? Just ask. I have been involved with many successful original recording projects and regularly use Cubase software and VST instruments to record demos in my studio. I would be happy to collaborate!

I hope you will enjoy my site!