1. I LOVE teaching guitar, and I’ve been doing it a long time. I began playing guitar professionally in nightclubs and bars before I had even finished high school. Since then I have never stopped playing in bands – some of them great, others not so. I’ve been a full-time musician, teaching and playing guitar almost my entire life. Ask other teachers about the extent of their experience.

2. I expect and get results and will motivate you by kicking your ass when necessary. A guitar will give back everything you put into it and more, but learning to play one does take some effort. It is NOT a quick-gratification thing. I will not allow you to waste our time and your money if you are not progressing because you are unable to commit to practicing your instrument.

3. I teach other guitar teachers!

4. Pretty much every musical thing that I own, including my instruments, pedals, amplifiers, books, magazines, CD’s, recording gear, etc., is within reach and available for my students to try or borrow.

5. Ten minute breaks between my lessons ensure that my students receive TRUE half-hour lessons. The time it takes to unpack, get tuned up and then pack up is not time taken away from the lesson (as it is with many teaching establishments where students are taught “back to back”).

6. I take careful notes of your progress and plan ahead for your lessons whenever possible. If you discontinue lessons, but return at a later date I will know exactly where we left off. I still have my teaching notes from the 1980’s!

7. I am very flexible with teaching times and only ask for 24 hours notice to cancel and reschedule lessons. I charge no registration fees, nor is there any cost to you for lesson materials.

8. I have an extensive music library which includes hundreds of books, personally created tablature (tab) transcriptions, high quality lesson handouts and summaries from my method book and recordings. My students jam along with a great sound system!

9. Former students of mine are now famous. Many others are very prominent in the Canadian music scene. I’m proud of that.

10. People that I taught years ago are now asking me to teach their children.

Remember: Some guitar teachers will just teach you how to play a few songs. A truly good instructor will be your guide and mentor – helping you learn the language you will need to explore and share in a world that only those who make the music truly understand.

Give The Gift Of Music!

Does someone you know have a birthday coming up? Need a cool holiday gift? Or do you just wish your friend played better?

Please consider giving a loved one the opportunity to learn how to play or improve their skills on the guitar with a respected, results-driven instructor. Me! 😉

I offer TEN LESSON GIFT CERTIFICATES, which can be personalized to your recipient in whatever way you wish. They don’t expire and are available from me any time during the year!

Lesson Gift certificates are a wonderful way to get someone who has always dreamed of playing the guitar started on their musical journey, and can lead to a life-long pastime – your gift will keep on giving!

How can I help YOU?

I will help you understand how the guitar works, teach you the proper way to strum the most important chords and guide you with proper hand and finger placement. At the same time, you will learn how to read rhythm notation and guitar tablature.

My lessons explain music theory in simple terms, and lessons are tailored to your personal needs.

As your repertoire of songs grows and your strength increases, you are introduced to playing barre chords; soon your lessons begin to focus on single-string picking, using the scales with which we play melodies and “riffs” as lead guitarists. All important techniques are covered.

With private lessons your progress is limited only by your level of commitment to personal practice time.

Even if you’re already a player there’s always something new to learn. Playing the same licks in every solo? Some folks have been playing for years, but feel “stuck in a rut” – if that describes YOU, getting some coaching from an experienced player will help you get back on the right track.

As a very experienced lead guitarist I can help you develop and increase your technical ability and understanding of soloing. In-depth theory lessons cover the most useful scales and modes, harmony, advanced chord construction, arpeggios, harmonics, etc.
A little coaching can kick-start your playing and help you get your ideas flowing.

Perhaps you are a songwriter, and need some help with your songs? Just ask. I have been involved with many successful original recording projects and regularly use Cubase software and VST instruments to record demos in my studio. I would be happy to collaborate!

I hope you will enjoy my site!

My Lesson Policy

My coaching sessions are private, half-hour in duration, at a regular weekly time and take place in my comfortable, well-equipped music studio situated in downtown Kingston, just a block south of Princess Street on MacDonnell Street, between Park and Durham Streets. Free parking is available on the streets surrounding my studio. There are two Kingston Transit bus stops located close to my location, and a Tim Horton’s coffee shop just a block away.

Tuition is $20 per half-hour lesson. All new students initially commit to ten lessons. When those are completed, tuition continues to be paid in ten-session groups (or as far beyond that as you wish to), in advance. Confirmation and reservation of your lesson time is done online via Interac E-Transfer prior to the first session.

Lessons are available Monday to Friday from noon-ish to 8:00 pm, and on Saturdays from late morning to late afternoon. I am flexible with shift workers and do not charge any registration fees. Reschedules or cancellations require 24 hours notice. Any missed lessons are “made up” on a mutually-convenient day and time, or by arranging for a one-hour lesson at or close to the student’s regular time.

Gift certificates are also available – please consider giving the gift of music to a friend!

About What I Do

I offer lessons on acoustic and electric guitar to players of all ages and skill levels – from beginners to professional working musicians and teachers. I have been playing professionally in popular bands and teaching guitar for over 35 years. Over that time I have developed a structured, gradual, yet challenging method of instruction that has proven to be successful for hundreds of local players, many of whom have gone on to become popular musicians and music teachers themselves.

With “Too Cold To Hold” at The Lakeview Manor, Kingston, circa 1982.

My own musical journey in playing, songwriting, and recording has included adventures in many different musical styles, including (but not limited to) blues, folk, fingerstyle, classical, R&B, 50’s-60’s rock, hard rock, metal, punk, hip hop, soul, slide guitar, reggae, ska, swing, jazz, and both classic and new country. If you’re new to the guitar you’ll soon find that playing is one of the most rewarding and least expensive pastimes there is. It doesn’t take long for my beginning students to learn the basics and to begin playing popular, current songs exactly as they were recorded.

References and Reviews by former students can be found here.

My personal bio and playing history are available by request.